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Challah Dough Covers
For the really, truly complete collection click HERE: Be prepared to scroll — lots of choices! Happy browsing :)

EASY TO ORDER 1]  Choose a design and click on it. You will be redirected to our ZAZZLE Store.
2] Here you can view pricing, PERSONALIZE your choice, set shipping details & complete your purchase.
Happy Baking!

NOTE: Shipping costs got you down? Zazzle (our printer) suggests that you sign up for Zazzle PLUS which includes free shipping for a year. With a 30 day free trial, if you choose to cancel this great deal in under 30 days, you pay nothing. ie: Free shipping on your order.

CHALLAH Dough Covers

General Dough Covers

Artisan RISING Dough Covers

PLEASE PLAN AHEAD: Every Dough Cover is custom made within 3 business days and shipped soon after. Estimate about 7-10 business days to receive your package.

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