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Truly GIfted

Wedding Shower, Mother's Day, Hostess Gift, Party Favor, Thank You gift. On its own or combined with a Cookbook, Mixing bowl or other Baking utensils the Challah Dough Cover is that rare gift that is both Practical & Beautiful.

Download our printable Gift Tag and make gift-giving quick & convenient. Enclose with your Dough Cover when giving it as a gift. This card includes a To: & From: section, a Challah recipe and more details about your gift.



Printable  Gift Tag Fold Instructions
Please print at 100%
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CHALLAH Dough Covers

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Printable  Gift Tag Fold Instructions
Please print at 100%

Artisan Dough Covers


How to Shout MAZEL TOV! at a ZOOM wedding — even when muted :)

Each of these Talk blurbs is set up to print BIG on a separate sheet of letter-sized paper.
For extra credit you can color them in and/or cut out the talk bubbles so they look even more real when you hold them up. Mazel Tov to all the new couples! Please print at 100%.
[Note: For these to read correctly on screen, go to your Zoom Settings and UNCHECK the box "Mirror my video". ] Mazel Tov to all the new couples !  Please spread the word.

Wedding B&W.png

Pesach shopping: everything including the kitchen sink

I have had people stop me in the supermarket and ask me to send them a copy of this all-inclusive Pesach shopping list that keeps me sane throughout the pre-Pesach shopping experience. It all started the first year I made Pesach, (about 100 years ago) and completely forgot to buy dish soap. Not fun. Having everything on one page allows me to check things off as I get them so I can grab things on sale a few weeks ahead of time without worrying about duplicating. Note your quantities on here and save the list to refer to next year. ( & If we left something off - by all means let us know & we will update!!)

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