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Children's Book "Way Too Much Challah Dough" Turns 17 years old — Reprint #10

When the folks at Hachai told me that they were preparing to reprint Way too Much Challah Dough for the 10th (!) time I felt both thrilled and old. The first printing was way back in 2006 when I was expecting my youngest son. In fact, some people- looking at the dedication page, thought that we named him Otto, (no- seriously.) His name did appear in later reprints along with my other children's names & of course Otto - my childhood inspiration. 17 years... Hard to imagine that many of the youngsters who grew up reading this book are almost ready to move on to bake challah in their own kitchens.

It has certainly been a fun ride. I've been invited to read Mindy's tale to preschool classes and have shared it over Zoom with my grandchildren in Israel. I even found a recording of a teacher reading it on YouTube. Overall, it is very gratifying to have been a part of what has become a Jewish children's classic. I'm thrilled to have I helped introduce the joy of Challah Baking to so many. Happy Reading ...and Happy Baking!



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