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Feeling Extra Creative...Unlock Extra Design Options!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Many of our designs can be personalized with your name and sometimes a date or message. You know that already. BUT... If you have an eye for design and you feel like playing around, you have some new options. Many - (but not ALL) of our designs, give you the opportunity to also change the Message, Fonts (Typeface) & Font Size. So, go ahead, create a personalized variation of the original design. Before you hit ADD TO CART, take a careful look at your design via the preview image to be sure that things look just the way you want them.

For Quick & Easy regular name Personalization, click Personalize this template (see below) and enter your information in the fields that come up. Preview your design & ADD TO CART. Done :)

Now the Secret:...

To unlock additional customization options:

STEP 1] Instead of clicking the words Personalize this template like above, click the blue BOX that says: Personalize. (see below) Don't enter any information here in the fields that appear, instead...

STEP 2] Tap the small words at the bottom: Click to customize further (see bottom image). To change fonts, font size etc just click directly on the type that you want to edit. Your editing options are listed along the right side of the screen. Play around to get the exact look you want. (NOTE: Some elements, like the background stripes, will remain locked.) It is important to look at the Preview of your design before Adding to Cart!

And by all means, PLEASE send us a photo of your masterpiece so we can share it with everyone!



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