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How to shout MAZEL TOV at a ZOOM wedding—Even when muted :)

With Lag B’Omer 2 days away, wedding season is almost upon us. Each of these expressive Talk blurbs is set to print BIG on a separate sheet of letter-sized paper. For extra credit you can color them in and/or cut out the talk bubbles so they look even more real when you hold them up. ** TOTALLY FREE ** Mazel Tov to all the new couples ! Please spread the word. [Note: For these to read correctly on-screen, go to your Zoom Settings and UNCHECK the box "Mirror my video". ]

To download this ready-to-print PDF just:

1- Visit

2- Select PRINTABLES Tab (top right)

3- Scroll down to Wedding Zoom Signs

4- Download the FREE multipage PDF file. Print color & enjoy!

Only Simchos!!!



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