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"Way Too Much Challah Dough"-The Book

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Did you know that the book Way Too Much Challah Dough, now in its 7th printing from Hachai Publishing, was inspired by a real life experience. Well almost... My dough was not quite out the door but it did climb out of the bowl and was on its way off the kitchen counter. And while I may have put in a bit too much yeast, this was more a matter of multitasking and forgetting to braid my dough in time—kind of like what happens to Mindy in the book.

As I wrestled with the run-away dough, I was reminded of the children's classic, A Fish out of Water by Helen Palmer. That's how Way Too Much Challah Dough was born. Notice that every edition includes the name OTTO in the dedication. That is not the name of any of my kids. It is a wink and a nod to Otto - the giant Fish in Palmer's book.

In fact, the author of this popular children's book and the creator/designer here at BestDressedBread is one and the same. Apparently, I've got a thing for Challah😊. So, should we make a children's version of the Challah Dough Cover featuring Mindy from this classroom favorite? Let me know what you think! ⁣

Way Too Much Challah Dough
Way Too Much Challah Dough



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