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Challah Baking Bowl: How Big is Big?

People are often happily surprised at the size of our beautiful Challah Dough Covers. Our generous 20" x 20" cotton cloth is the perfect size for the large mixing bowl that is featured in many of my Instagram posts. (I always bake challah with a full 5lb bag of flour. This yields 4 large challahs or 2 large and 3 medium.) But some have asked, just how big my bowl is. It measures about 16" in diameter and is approx 5" tall. To test how many quarts it holds, I patiently poured cup after cup of water until it was full to the brim. 40 cups=10 quarts is the verdict. Check out Amazon for a choice of bowls with similar specifications.

Mine was gifted to me, ( along with a few very useful nesting bowls inside) at my bridal shower over 30 years ago. It is probably the most practical gift I got. For a terrific, practical & beautiful bridal shower gift try wrapping one of our Personalized Challah Dough Covers around a set of mixing bowls. You will be remembered every time she bakes challah. Guaranteed,



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