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Challah Baking Tuesday Tip #3: Preflight your Kitchen Aid/Bosch

Updated: Jul 9

When using an electric mixer, (see tip 2), check that your bowl and dough hook are securely screwed in place before adding anything to the mixing bowl. Sometimes we are in such a rush to get things started that we neglect this important preflight check. Twist and press down to be sure all bolts and bowls are securely attached. Because once you add liquid to that bowl it will be hard to adjust things without making a bigger mess...Like the time that the dough hook on my Bosch was not attached securely and came loose during the first few spins. I was so flustered that I removed the plastic mixer lid while mixing to get a better look… Big mistake unless you want water/yeast/sugar juice splattered everywhere. (And why would you want that?).



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