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Challah Baking Tuesday Tip #2: Knead like the Pros

Updated: Jul 9

Use an electric mixer if you can. I spent the first 25 years of my challah baking career kneading the dough, (for 10 full minutes) by hand. Sure, I still had the BOSCH that my friends had gifted me at my bridal shower. But it sat unused. For 25 years I turned up my nose at the mixer crowd, feeling that I put more of myself into the challahs by mixing them by hand. Then my son got married and I was ready to pass that nearly new BOSCH along to my daughter-in-law. Another child suggested that I give it a whirl myself before making any hasty decisions. I’ve never looked back. While it is still fun to occasionally knead by hand, a challah kneaded by hand will never have the same fluffy consistency you get when you use a quality mixer, fitted with a dough hook. Trust me. Been there, done that.



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