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Challah Braiding with 8 Strands.

Just made the happy discovery that an 8 strand braid is made with the same basic method as a 6 strand. (Team of 2, Team of 3 and one man out ...Does anyone else remember this trick from Camp Anna Heller's Baking Workshop, about 130 years ago :) Guessing that a 12 strand is similar as well...But not sure I am ready to attempt that ..yet. For me, braiding with anything more than 3 or 4 strands requires such total concentration that any interruption, (like a phone call) will break my rhythm & get me so mixed up that I need to start over. Sound familiar? I think that may be what makes Challah braiding so meditative; you need to really clear your mind and focus on the task at hand. We don't just make Challah Dough Covers...We make Challah 😉 Link in Bio. Inquiries? message us or email



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