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Everything. Including the Kitchen Sink Pesach/Passover Shopping List:

I have had people stop me in the supermarket and ask me to send them a copy of this all-inclusive Pesach shopping list that keeps me sane throughout the pre-Pesach shopping experience. It all started the first year I made Pesach, (about 100 years ago) and completely forgot to buy dish soap. Not fun. Having everything on one page allows me to check things off as I get them so I can grab things on sale a few weeks ahead of time without worrying about duplicating. Note your quantities on here and save the list to refer to next year. You can find a printable copy of this ONE PAGE ( Everything Including the Kitchen sink) PESACH SHOPPING list on our site . Just click the PRINTABLES Tab.

Yup- there are imperfections & maybe a typo or 2 on there, but that just proves that it's authentic :) If I left something off - by all means let me know & I will update!!)


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