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Home Schooling: Botany-101

So with eggs at $4 a dozen, you may as well get something out of the carton as well. Right? And besides, these days, who wants to risk a trip to Home Depot to buy seedlings?

This is a really simple activity. Just remember to poke a hole in the bottom of each section. Cut off the the lid and place underneath to catch drips. We had been saving cantaloupe seeds from last year. We added 1/4 of a grape tomato to 4 of the sections and some red-pepper seeds in the others. My son created the cute signs. If this was a cardboard carton we could have even cut up the sections and planted them with the seedlings. But let’s not count our seedlings before they….hatch?

Will these even sprout? No idea. But that is the science experiment part. Left in a sunny window with occasional watering….we’ll see.




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