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Marror- Home Grown—Sort of :)

What in the world is this?!⁣ ⁣A few years ago I saved the tops of the Passover Marror root. I stood them in a shallow plate of water & they developed beautiful tall, green leaves. I eventually stuck them in the ground and promptly forgot about them. This year as we go back to simpler times (toiveling new pots in the ocean), I started thinking about my Marror in the yard. We cleared away last years autumn leaves and this is what we found under them— Just about 4” across…Stay tuned for what my son dug up! So when you continue the home schooling after Pesach save those marror tops and let your kids start their own marror patch. Consider it a science experiment…with practical results.⁣

I hedged my bets & got a store-bought Horseradish root too. Ok, so guess which one is from the yard :) It may be thin-but it went pretty deep! It smells just as powerful as the real thing too. Makes you really appreciate those professional horseradish farmers out there. Do they let them grow for a decade to reach this size? But taste is king. We will see who wins that one… A great activity for kids. Wishing all a Happy & Healthy Pesach.



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