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Multi-Tasking Challah Baking Tip

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

I've discovered that when I bake a batch of challah, I can sneak in an extra baking task without any extra clean-up, (always a plus in my book). After I put my challahs in to bake, I am left with measuring cups & spoons that have some flour and oil on them + a large bowl that may have some slight remnants of challah dough. All are perfectly suitable for most cake recipes or, my personal favorite, a batch of Granola. While my challahs bake I toss all the ingredients for the granola into that bowl and have it spread on a parchment-lined baking pan, ready to go into the already pre-heated oven as soon as the Challahs come out. (The recipe I like best, with the optional coconut flakes included, is here: ) Whether you choose to make brownies, chocolate chip cookies, or granola you can check off both Challah & Dessert with just one round of preheat & cleanup. Happy Baking!



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