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Potato starch to the rescue. (Once Again).

File this one away with the Pesach dishes!! Every year I buy a 5 lb bag of flour before Pesach and put it away with the Chametz for Shlissel Challah Shabbos. But I often need some extra flour, ( especially when I am out of practice and add a bit too much liquid to my dough). Of course, there is no other flour in the house. Necessity is the mother of invention....There is plenty of potato starch left over from Pesach. And wonder of wonders, I have made the happy discovery that the potato starch acts as a dough conditioner which makes the challahs even better. I learned that this happens because the starch encloses the gas bubbles in the dough and strengthens them. That allows the bread to rise lighter and higher. So now I keep some potato starch on hand year-round and mix in a bit every week. We don't just make Challah Dough Covers…we make ( pretty good) Challah too!



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