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Purim Tip: Sometimes it is good to be 'Labeled'

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Speaking of Purim....When I was a kid, my job was to sort through all of the Mishloach Manos packages and make some sense of order from the chaos. I ended up with a candy platter, a fruit bowl and a cake tray. But I always put a tiny sign in each piece of cake with the name of the 'baker-of-origin'. We all knew which ones to pounce on first.

Do everyone a favor and label any home or store baked goods in your Mishloach Manos. Is is Yoshon? Pas Yisroel? Milchig? Baked in a Milchig/Fleishig oven? Is it Gluten Free? When people are unsure about these details, they may not feel comfortable eating it- and that would be a shame. At the same time be sure to include your name on that label. This way if someone really enjoys your creation, they will know who to call for the recipe.