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Tuesday Tip: Lettuce Checking Trick

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This tip has nothing to do with Challah but I find it so helpful that I had to share... If you buy Hearts of Romain and soak them, and then check the leaves, you know that it is a hassle. Aside from taking a long time, water drips up your sleeves as you hold each wet leaf up to the light... Try this. Soak your leaves in soapy water as you always do. Swish around, wait a few minutes...whatever your usual routine is. Then just take each piece of lettuce out and wash off all the soap carefully. Stand the leaf in a tall, wide-mouth container letting any excess water drain down into the container. When you have filled the container with leaves, hold your hand over the leaves and tip it to drain off the excess water. Then cover the whole thing loosley with a plastic bag. Store in the fridge. When you need a few leaves for a salad or sandwich, take them out and inspect them individually- holding up to a light as needed...And- notice that no water is running up your arm: This tip divides lettuce prep into 2 smaller tasks. Plus leaves stored standing this way in their own personal 'refrigerator greenhouse' last longer than leaves kept laying flat. So you can enjoy a fresh salad with that Challah...hassle-free!



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