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Under Wraps: How to Keep Your Challah Dough Cover Looking Fresh & New

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

I have been asked this so many times that I figured a blog post Tip was in order. To keep my Challah Dough Cover Fresh & New, after I spray the top of my rising dough with cooking spray I place a plastic bag- (flat- unopened) -over the dough- and UNDER my Challah Dough Cover. This way, I very rarely have to wash my challah dough cover. ( TIP - I buy a full roll of bags from the fruit/vegetable section at the grocery. These bags are the perfect size for this job. Plus, they are super strong & a great size for challah freezing and for many, many other uses. Cost, approx. $8 but the roll lasts for about half a year- and I use them for so many other things as well.) Plastic wrap works too.

Hope this helps!

Happy baking & please help spread the word!!



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