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Why I Always Bake my Challah in Tins

I have B"H learned so many helpful tips about cooking and baking from my wonderful daughter-in-law that I should definitely start a blog with her tips alone. Here is one example...My kids like fluffy challah and are not big fans of the crust. If you prefer fluffier/less crusty challahs too, try baking your challahs in tins. Disposable challah tins come in rectangular loaf and oval (my preference) shapes. ( see below) And there are non-disposable options too. I actually have a copper-challah pan from my grandmother that is an elongate hexagon. The challah on the left was baked in a tin. Look how much taller it is than the one on the right and only the top actually crusts.

I always use parchment paper for easy removal and lift the challahs out of the tins as soon as they are cool enough to touch to let the edges dry out and keep things just crispy enough. If your family likes the challah crust, by all means, go for the cookie sheet method. Either way, there is one thing we all agree on: Nothing beats homemade challah! Happy Baking!



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