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Challah Baking Tip #4: There are no Little Elves in your house... up after you. When I lived at home, my mother and I made the perfect pair. She loved to clean and I loved to bake. So every time I finished with an ingredient or utensil, she whisked it away. The kitchen was spotless when the challahs went into the oven. Then I got married and discovered that ingredients do not fly back into the pantry on their own. The first time I baked in my little apartment, I remember turning around and wondering - who made this mess? I have since learned to start by taking out all the necessary ingredients. I then put each one away after I use it. This way I know that I have added each ingredient (only once) and I end up with a perfectly clear counter. (OK….and a sink full of things that need to be washed… Mom?)

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