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20 BestDressedBread Challah Baking Tips

I’ve been baking challah since forever ago when my sleep-away camp offered a baking workshop. We tackled complicated confections, sweating over chocolate kokosh rolls and checkerboard (!) cakes. But it was baking Challah, braided with 6 strands, that captured my heart and I’ve kept it up ever since.

Maybe it is the wonder of crafting something delicious from such a humble list of ingredients. No Swiss chocolate or pralines here. Just flour, water, oil, salt, sugar, and yeast; my favorite recipe doesn't even call for eggs. The result: six warm, fluffy, delicious challahs and a kitchen that smells heavenly. What could be more magical?

Or maybe it’s the opportunity to roll up my sleeves and revisit my favorite school subject: Art class. As adults, how many opportunities do we have to put on our smocks (aprons) and play with ‘clay’, coil ‘snakes’, make braids, and roll balls? After ‘painting’ them, with a real brush, I get to decorate my creations, sprinkling on a choice of toppings, much like I wielded the glitter shaker with abandon in kindergarten. (I always liked a lot of sparkle!) The icing on the cake: Each week, I create something I know will be enjoyed, l’kovod Shabbos Kodesh with family & friends.

Over the last 39 years, (did I just write that number?!) I’ve amassed a collection of challah-baking tips and tricks that have served me well. Some are hard-won nuggets that I picked up by messing up. Others were tossed off bits of practical advice, shared by experienced bakers. In the mix are a few personal AHA! Moments - plus some useful kitchen tips that are not Challah-specific. Please roll up your sleeves & join me as I will IYH try to post one tip every Tuesday...Let's see how this goes :)



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