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Challah Baking Tuesday Tip #1

Updated: Jul 9

1- Always read recipe instructions ALL THE WAY through before beginning. This one applies to all recipes, all the time, but it really hit home the first time I baked my own challah. With equal parts inexperience and enthusiasm, I jumped right in, following the Challah Recipe instructions step by step. I mixed the ingredients and waited for the dough to rise. Until step four …Form Challahs. I made two beautifully braided challahs about the size of the ones that we used to buy in the bakery. Then I read the next step: Set challahs aside until they are doubled in bulk. Uh-Oh. We ended up with two truly ginormous challahs that week. They were so big, that if they hadn’t grown so large that they stuck to both sides of the oven’s interior, they would have been perfectly suited for a wedding or a rebbe’s Tisch. Always read recipes all the way through before beginning. I learned tip #1 the hard way.

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